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A Quick Update For The Last Few Months

It has been a very long time since I updated, but I’ve still been busy. Hard at work trying to get away from the squidoo penalties that went on. Only 3 of my lenses got tagged, but I didn’t bother trying to save them because they weren’t generating much traffic or sales anyway. Well, actually, one was but not enough to care about.

Earnings were pretty decent in January and February, over $150 each month from Squidoo related income. March was strange, very low conversions, resulting in a weak $70 month. April so far looks OK considering the loss of traffic (down about 30% a week from Google penalizing Squidoo). Someone bought a $880 dollar wine rack, but alas returned it. Nonetheless, all things considered it isn’t a horrible month.

I started a new project. My two writers are pounding out content that I’m using to build some Amazon review sites, and an Adsense site. A little ambitious to begin 4 sites and work on them all at the same time, however it also makes it a little less boring when you can write about different topics. In this case 2 of the sites (one of them is about portable ice makers at and has reviews on, well, portable ice makers) are based on Erica Stones Amazon review site method, with a twist. I am siloing the sites to see if helps with rankings. The third Amazon site hasn’t quite started, but it is one of Wolfmii’s guaranteed income sites. Should be interesting, and might learn a trick or two. Lastly an Adsense site for good measure and diversity.

The first two sites will feature reviews and articles without affiliate links. Probably around 2 to 1 ratio. So out of 30 posts, 20 would be reviews and the other 10 just articles with a few internal links. The other Amazon site, well I believe its all reviews, but we will see. The Adsense site will be 40 articles on similar theme, probably siloed as well.

I will update here with how it all goes.

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