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December: How Did It Go For Christmas Shopping?

Well, December was a much better month. I miscounted in November, I actually had I guess 23 lenses made up. So December I made 3 more. I know, I’m slow. 60 lenses by May might not work out! But more on both of those subjects later.

First, lets talk amazon comissions for December. Not too shabby! The Christmas season really ups the conversion rate once the buyer gets to Amazon. Regularly the rate is about 3%, but in December it rose to a decent 6.7%! This helped tremendously. Also, I got a bit more traffic in a few niches resulting in higher payouts from Squidoo. This is how it worked out:

Squidoo Amazon Module Payout: $18
Squidoo Tier Payments: $40 (guessing here, info not released yet)
Amazon Comissions: $537

So all in all, I should get about $595 for December. Again, that’s pretty good. Hell, it’s more than some people get on Welfare up in the frozen north! And none of this income resulted from my new lenses.

As I mentioned I made 3 new lenses in this wintery month. I have some hopes for them to be honest, once they take off. I hope conversions are decent! Lets take a look at them.

Over The Toilet Storage
Over the toilet storage was the first lens I made. It obviously deals with storage options for over your toilet in the bathroom. So far, no conversions!

Over The Toilet Space Saver (lens was deleted :( )
Over the toilet space saver is clearly a second lens in the toilet storage series. It seems like a decent niche so I’m giving it a go. Again, no conversions but still a pretty young lens.

Best At Home Waxing Kit
Best at home waxing kit is not about waxing your car! It is about waxing your body. You can stop laughing at me now, I don’t actually wax anything.

I currently have two more lenses WIP (work in progress) so once published that will bring my total to 28. I will try to make two more before I embark upon a new plan. NO I am not jumping the Squidoo ship! I just think I should refocus my efforts on a site that I own, as it also is proven to be higher converting.

I have a LOT of help from Online Business Insiders (see that post for the link to OBI) so that is added motivation to try a real property. I also have something in mind for those folks, but that’s a secret project that I haven’t really commited to yet.

In the next few weeks I will possibly divulge that secret, and I also plan on doing a review of OBI.

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