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November: A Flashback to Electric Motorcycles, Slipcovers and Decals

So, rather than start right now in the middle of December, I figured I’d put out a little flashback on how November went for me. First of all, Adsense earnings all but dried up completely! Not the end of the world though as Amazon affiliate sales were the highest they’ve been so far.

I won’t reveal any Adsense sites or any of my websites, but I will show my Squidoo earnings and related income here for the sake of measuring progress. So, in November I had 22 lenses. Some are duds, some get decent traffic but aren’t sales oriented etc. All in all, November netted me a whole $35 dollars from Squidoo, and $287 from Amazon (my Squidoo links). So all in all my income generated from those lenses was about $325. Nothing to write home about!

Why was November so much better compared to previous months? Well, one lens in particular helped out quite a bit.
Electric Motorcycles for Kids


Kids Electric Motorcycles Are Great!

That is because the commission on them isn’t too bad. Then I also created a few more lenses:

Slipcovers For Wingback Chairs  (lens was deleted)
Slipcovers for wingback chairs has been mostly a flop. I think the competition was a bit stronger than I realized at first.

Live Laugh Love Wall Décor (lens was deleted)
Live laugh love wall décor and decals for the home is another misjudgment in the competition!

Hopefully with time these few lenses pick it up a bit. In order for Squidoo to reach a worthy ROI, each lens should generate $5 a month during the first 3 quarters of the year. The last three (shopping season) should reach $7-10 per lens. So, If you have 25 lenses like I do, a minimum of $125 is the target. That isn’t much! But if I could reach 60 lenses by May or so, that would a passive $300 a month. An ok ROI.

In any case, that is pretty much it. Reach 60 lenses by May.

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