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Online Business Insiders Review:Better Than Personal IM Coaching?

My “Online Business Insiders Review” is a look at the new paid forum called OBI for short. In a nutshell, it is like having a private coach or mentor for nearly everything IM related. You will feel like you have 17 personal mentors working around the clock to help you. What or who is the forum for? You of course! The aspiring Internet Marketer! But is it worth the admission cost? Make sure you read the entire review, there are pro’s and even a few con’s!

The forum membership costs $27 a month, but if you like the idea of it and sign up through my link, you can get a discount and get membership for $20 $14 a month! Click here! (limited time, the cost goes up regularly!)

Is The OBI Forum Right For You? Or Is It A Scam?

Let’s start by asking a few questions, and answering them honestly. And no of course it is not a scam!

  • Do you currently slog away making sites and sales pages but get no where or make very little in return?
  •  Are you easily distracted and hop from one shiny object to another with no clear direction?
  • Do you spend money on WSO’s and ‘courses’ and still make little or no return profit?
  • Have you been trying for months or even a few years and still can’t seem to make internet marketing work?
  • Do you want to make more money to supplement or even replace your day job?
  • Do you want a coach? A personal mentor? Without spending hundreds of dollars an hour?

Chances are you answered YES to one or more of those questions. Does that mean you should go join OBI right now? Well, hold on a frikkin’ minute! It might, but before you spend your money read on and see if Online Business Insiders Forum will actually help you.

What Online Business Insiders Can Do For You

Ever been to WarriorForums? I bet you have. Ever gotten a straight answer from one of the self proclaimed gurus? Ha! Hey, I go to WF all the time and we both know you really have to sort through a lot of crap to find any useful information. There are only a handful of folks there that actually provide anything helpful, useful or actionable. But hey, it is free right!

Not so on OBI. We are talking light years ahead of WF as there is pretty much no fluff at all. No one is posting to get crappy signature links ;)   Furthermore, there are real EXPERTS who honestly make a living doing what they do, and none of them professes to be a guru. These guys are the real deal, and some of them frequent the WF as well, so you’ll recognize their names. For only $14 a month having access to these guys is a no brainer, plain and simple.

So, what can OBI really do for you? Well, ask pretty much any internet marketing question there and you’ll get a very solid, honest and useful answer from someone who HAS BEEN THERE before, usually within hours if not minutes! And I’m not hyping that at all. Have a question about being an Amazon affiliate? Erica freaking Stone will answer it for you! (she has released so many awesome WSO’s).

You can click the link to read up on who all the Experts are, and the list is very impressive. A few highlights are Erica Stone (Amazon), Alexa Smith (Clickbank), Dennis Gaskill (Authority Sites), Rebecca Hagel (Copywriting), Lee Dobbins (Kindle Publishing) and 16 others. Yes, a total of 21 (at the time of this review) experts from different areas.

You ask a question, and someone answers. It honestly is like having a personal mentor. A coach who will guide you and help you make the right choice. One expert (Erica) even help guide a fellow named Chris right through releasing his first extremely successful WSO, and held his hand when needed and encouraged him the entire time. (Squidcrafter was the product). This kind of coaching is virtually priceless and you will not find anything comparable to OBI anywhere. See how that is worth $14 a month? (only by clicking one of the links).

By the way, yes, I am a member of OBI (otherwise I couldn’t write a real Online Business Insiders Review!) and have absolutely no plans of canceling anytime soon!

What OBI And The Experts Can’t Do For You

Obviously, they don’t do the work for you. Don’t expect someone to research keywords, design your site and do it all for you. If you ask a question like whether your keyword is any good, or have someone go over your site, they will help you figure out what needs done.

That’s the rub right there. You have to ask the questions. You can be a lurker and read up and learn some valuable, actionable stuff for sure! However, unless someone has asked what you want to know you may not find an answer if you don’t ask. And at least for me, I sometimes don’t know what question I need answered!

Another thing worth noting about Online Business Insiders, while there are tons of ‘Topics’ (20 plus!), a lot of them have very little activity since as I mentioned, no one is currently asking questions in those categories. There are currently (according to the forum software) 500+ registered members, but of course not all of those are active accounts (I did a quick count and of the 500+ accounts 250 of them have logged in within the last 7 days of this post. Not too shabby!). And the forum has it’s share of lurkers (people who read but never or rarely post). The most active section is the Amazon affiliate area, and it’s awesome. Erica is fantastic!

Finally, there are no specific sections for topics like Adsense, Micro niche sites, certain aspects of SEO like backlinking and Private Blog Networks. That shouldn’t be a huge deterrent though! The experts definitely have something to say about all of those topics, and of course there are the members as well who are extremely helpful. The real goal of being a member of OBI is to create a stable and sustainable online income and that is what they help you do.

The Summary: Is OBI Worth $14 A Month?

For me, personally, yes I think it is a crazy good deal, even if you skip my affiliate link and pay the full $27 a month. You simply cannot get this kind of mentorship and guidance for anything close to $14 a month. The cons are negligible. Here is a quick rundown why I am a member:

  • Personal, actually better than personal, coaching. I say this because in the forum environment you get your questions answered by the experts, and you get to see the questions and answers from other members you may not even have thought of!
  • As the community grows, so will the knowledge!
  • There are many cool things planned for the future like seminars, real time chats, video tutorials and more.
  • The experts really are EXPERTS!
  • Within a month you would have learned and implemented enough advice that your earnings from that alone would easily pay for your membership!
  • It’s a measly 14 bucks a month! Less than a WSO in most cases, and frequently you get WSO worthy posts and answers for free!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to OBI, sign up today, and see how it can help you achieve YOUR online goals! If you have any questions you’d like to ask me about my Online Business Insiders review before signing up, please go ahead (if comments aren’t on, use the contact form! I will answer!)

Click HERE to sign up for $14 a month!









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