Slogging through the internet wasteland…

Slogging Through The Internet Wasteland

Ah! Slogging through the internet wasteland. Has a kind of apocalyptic ring to it, eh? And in the aftermath of the Google updates throughout 2012, it friggin’ feels like the apocalypse did in fact arrive!

Panda refreshes, the most hated Penguin hit and then the EMD penalty pretty much nailed most of the spammers and blackhatters out there. Too bad for me, a large part of my online portfolio got smacked around as well!

My main site, the one I was actually proud of, was raking in the bling with Adsense to the tune of $600 a month. The crushing of BMR and spammy links sent the site to the abyss. Hey, I made some bank on it so while disappointed it was not such a big deal. I just picked myself up like a good little soldier and carried on with my other sites. Too bad penguin nailed most of them.

I managed to avoid Penguin with a few other sites, and of course my small Squidoo portfolio was untouched. I figured I should exert some energy in those areas. Things were looking good, I was getting some Amazon sales and an Adsense payment every month….until EMD. Poof! Went my Adsense earnings. <sigh>

Still no sense in quitting. I decided to join OnlineBusinessInsiders (affiliate link!) since my favorite Amazon and Squidoo Guru Erica Stone recommended it in an email. I now focus a lot more energy on Squidoo for the time being and plan on making some ‘real’ sites upon my return from Hawaii this spring.

My plans for my private blog here are simple. I plan on going back to early November with my next post and detail what I’ve been doing. Then I will add a few reviews of IM products I think are worth the investment (like OBI), and carry on with bi-weekly updates on my activities and earnings through Squidoo, Amazon and Adsense.

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